Press Release

Tourism Sector Delegation from Sri Lanka Visits South Africa

A delegation from Sri Lanka Tourism Sector, Mrs. Deepa Sannasooriya, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism Development and Aviation and Dr. Prasad Jayasuriya, Director, Planning and Development, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority arrived in South Africa on 03.03.2020.

The purpose of the visit is to attend a Workshop organized by South African authorities under the Theme of  “Sharing Tourism Best Practices” from 4-6 March 2020 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Upon arrival of the delegation, the High Commission in Pretoria arranged a meeting with a Media Group called “The Diplomatic Society” for the delegation. Mr. Kirtan Bhana, CEO of the News Magazine and Mrs. Aneesha Premjee, Chief Editor of the Magazine were attended the meeting.

The diplomatic Society, is a Local and Global News Magazine has been established in 1997 in South Africa, which provides a high net worth user with information on international relations and diplomacy pertinent to their professions. The readership of the print media is ± 25,000 readers.


At the outset, Mrs. Priyangani Hewarathna, Actg. High Commissioner in Pretoria, South Africa explained the delegation the purpose of the meeting, is to give an opportunity to Sri Lankan delegation to speak out on the developments of Sri Lankan Tourism and new initiatives of Sri Lankan Tourism sector to the South African Media, as a part of Tourism Promotion activities initiated by the Mission.


Speaking to the Media, the delegation explained the importance of Tourism Sector to Sri Lankan Economy and the new initiatives to develop the sector by the Sri Lankan Government. Further, at the meeting it was highlighted that the lack of awareness on Sri Lanka and its value as tourist’s destination among South Africans and other southern Africans become a barrier to increase tourists from the region to Sri Lanka.

As a solution to that, the Acting High Commissioner requested the delegation to see the possibility of allocation of at least a tourism promotion activity, annually for the Southern African Region and organize a FAM tour for the selected media personnel from the region to visit Sri Lanka, giving them the opportunity to share their experiences to the locals of their representing countries.

The Delegation will leave South Africa on 07.03.2020.